Monday, Sep 23, 2013
Supergeo to Release SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 Enhancing Map Analysis and Editing Functions

Supergeo announces that the desktop GIS, SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 providing more complete map analysis, editing, and management functions, is going to be released.

SuperGIS Desktop 3.2, the desktop GIS of SuperGIS products, integrates abundant GIS tools to offer GIS users from various domains a professional platform for geoprocessing and analyzing, displaying, editing, managing, and querying spatial data even faster and more easily. 

SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 focuses on improving map analysis, editing and management functions, and supports Multiple Map Frame to help users effectively and simultaneously process and analyze spatial data in different extents. Besides, SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 additionally supports advanced editing tools such as “Auto Intersection”, “Split Proportionally” and so forth that can be used to assist mappers in editing maps more flexibly. As to the extensions, Georeferencing Tool and OGC Add-on built in SuperGIS Desktop 3.2, are also improved so that users can manipulate functions they required more intuitively and easily.

Supergeo plans to release SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 in Q4 of this year. To get more information, please visit Supergeo website: .