Monday, July 15, 2013
SuperGIS Toolkit Now Supports Biodiversity Analysis Functions

SuperGIS Toolkit in the newest version of SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a now supports Biodiversity Analysis functions to assist users in comprehending the relationship between distribution of species and spatial pattern.

SuperGIS Desktop 3 is the Desktop GIS software integrating the abundant GIS tools that offer GIS experts a GIS professional platform for geoprocessing and displaying, editing, managing, querying and analyzing geographic data even faster and more easily. To give more flexible and plentiful analysis functions to users, SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a adds SuperGIS Toolkit that enables users not only to design the analyses and processes with Process Designer, but also to conduct batch processing for mass data.

Biodiversity Analyst in the newest update of SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a provides Diversity Analysis and Landscape Indices and is capable of assisting users in exploring features of spatial patterns of species distributions, including richness, diversity and evenness. Users who have the licensed SuperGIS Biodiversity analyst are allowed to employ Biodiversity Analysis in SuperGIS Toolkit.

SuperGIS Toolkit now provides hundreds of analysis functions, containing basic data analyses, such as Clip, Select, Intersect, etc. In addition, SuperGIS Toolkit supports diverse analysts, including Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst, and Spatial Statistics Analyst as well. To get the trial of SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a, please down the software on Supergeo website: