Monday, May 20, 2013
Supergeo to Release Public Cloud GIS Service—SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in

Supergeo announces that SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in will be released to enable Taiwan users in domains to integrate statistical data with geographic features to draw theme maps with statistics.

Provided by Supergeo, SuperGIS Online is a spatial data on-demand service which can be applied by professional GIS users, general map users, and value-added application users. Users can obtain the required service by subscribing SuperGIS Online.

SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in, a value added function worked on Microsoft Office Excel 2010, enables users to diversify data display instead of displaying data with bar chart or pie chart only. Integrating with geographic features, SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in displays data visually and spatially. Therefore, every user can draw theme maps with statistical data more easily.

With SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in, users are able to have the data in Microsoft Office Excel 2010 drawn on the corresponding counties and cities, towns, and specific coordinates on the map. In addition, these data can be displayed as unique values, graduated colors, graduated symbols, bar chart, pie chart, etc on the map.

SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in now can be applied with the spatial data of Taiwan only. Users who are in other regions or nations are interested in SuperGIS Online for Excel Add-in, please feel free to contact us with e-mail: