Monday, Apr 22, 2013
Supergeo Provides Highly Flexible Field Data Collection Software— SuperVeyor 2013

SuperVeyor 2013, developed by Supergeo, is the field data collection software which can be customized flexibly for hardware providers to offer high-compatible software.

SuperVeyor 2013, field data collection software applied on Windows Mobile platform, not only provides user-friendly interface but also supports collecting feature and attribute data. Besides, SuperVeyor 2013 can work with GPS to locate current position, record GPS track, and so forth. In addition, to meet requirements from different domains, like Facility Management, Agricultural Investigation, Census, etc., the GIS functions of SuperVeyor 2013 can be elastically modified. 

SuperVeyor 2013 is the mobile GIS designed for worldwide users so that the software can support multi-language interfaces, local coordinate system settings, specific program splash, etc. to meet requirements from different districts. Hence, SuperVeyor 2013 is a cost-effective mobile GIS equipped with high flexibility and compatibility.

SuperVeyor 2013 is for bundled sales of hardware manufacturers only. If you are interested in this product, please visit Supergeo website (  or contact us: