Monday, Mar 18, 2013
SuperSurv 3.1 Optimizes Feature Editing Function to Enhance Accuracy of Data Collection

SuperSurv 3.1, developed by Supergeo, is the Android mobile GIS application that optimizes feature editing function to assist field surveyors in collecting spatial data accurately.

Integrating with GIS and GPS technologies, SuperSurv 3.1 is the mobile GIS application that enables field surveyors to collect spatial data conveniently. SuperSurv supports common vector layer formats (GEO and SHP) and can employ local cached map (SGT file) or SuperGIS Server services as base map to improve the efficiency of field surveys.

Feature rotation function and snapping settings are newly supported in SuperSurv 3.1. The feature rotation function allows users to modify feature orientation and position by selecting a line feature or a polygon feature on the map and setting anchor point. In addition, users can snap a vertex to another precisely according to the snapping tolerance set by users during editing.

SuperSurv 3.1 now supports multi-language interfaces, including traditional Chinese, English and French, and will add Italian interface in the near future. To obtain the newest information and trial of SuperSurv, please visit Supergeo website: .