Monday, Dec 3, 2012
SuperGIS Engine 3.1 Beta Version Released

SuperGeo announces that Beta version of SuperGIS Engine 3.1, the collection of COM GIS components for customizing GIS applications, is released this week.

Integrating with map and GIS technologies, SuperGIS Engine 3.1 is the collection of COM-based components developed by SuperGeo. As the product of core components in SuperGIS series software provided for developers, SuperGIS Engine 3.1 can be embedded into programming language under Windows developing environment to integrate with other systems and enhance efficiency of system developing.

SuperGIS Engine 3.1 provides 32-bit and 64-bit developing components that enable developers to develop GIS applications they need in common development environments such as Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 Visual Basic, VB.NET, Visual C# and so on.

Furthermore, SuperGIS Engine contains hundreds of GIS-related objects that allow developers to customize various applications elastically and achieve diverse GIS manipulation functions like layers overlaying, map viewing and querying, geoprocessing, etc.

SuperGIS Engine 3.1 Beta is released. Users, who are interested in SuperGIS Engine 3.1, please visit SuperGeo website: , or contact us with e-mail: .