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Applying map website to display statistical data becomes a trend in domains. Statistics map enables viewers to comprehend meanings of statistical data through its intuitive and geographic characteristics. However, development of a statistics map website always takes a great deal of money to build database and develop corresponding GIS computing functions. That is the reason that development of statistics map website cannot be conducted smoothly.

In view of this, Department of Statistics, Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan (ROC) needs to build a service platform that integrates social and economic statistical data in Taiwan, and to provide statistics map API for local governments and institutions to apply to trim the cost of building statistics map websites.


Department of Statistics, Ministry of the Interior needs to store social and economic statistical data of Taiwan in domains in cloud database, and build Statistics Map API Service Platform to utilize mass cloud computing sources to assist users in applying statistical data and mapping statistics maps.

Three types of statistical data are included: Statistical Data of Administrative District, Statistical Data of Statistical Area and Statistical Data of Institutions. Besides, statistics map APIs provide diverse functions for mapping statistical data and data parameters settings that enable developers to apply directly.


  1. SuperGIS Server 3.1a is employed as the core system for Statistics Map Service Platform that publishes maps and statistical data for local government agencies to apply straightforwardly.
  2. Employing Javascript as the development language, the map APIs provides abundant functions for users to create statistics maps. Additionally, the APIs are compatible with most browsers and web languages so that it can help the institutions applying the APIs to develop websites with lower cost and ease.


  • The Workflow of Statistics Map API Service Platform:
  • Employing SuperGIS Server 3.1a as the core of system, this service platform is able to integrate, manage and publish map services related to society and economy, and provides capability in creating statistics maps for local governments and institutions to apply straightforwardly. Each institution who applies statistics map APIs can choose to apply the data on cloud storage or use their own statistical data to build an exclusive user interface of the map website. Furthermore, a developer can utilize APIs to send the required statistical parameters; subsequently, the exclusive statistics map service will be received and displayed on the website.
  • Core Functionalities of Statistics Map APIs

Import Data and Mapping Settings

Data Source: The APIs users can employ statistical data stored in Social and Economic Database through Social and Economic GIS (SEGIS) Platform, or build self-owned statistical data in specific format to apply parameters of APIs to map statistics map or statistical charts.

Data Type: The APIs users who employ statistical data stored in Social and Economic Database can use statistical data of Administrative District, which include city and county data, township data and village data; and statistical data of Statistical Areas, including data of the statistical area from level 1 to level 6, even the smallest statistical area; or spatial data belonged to each institution to map statistics data.

Map Type and Chart Type: Users can design different statistics maps, including choropleth map, bar chart map, pie chart map and graduated symbol map; and create statistical charts, including line graph, bar graph/column graph and pie chart.

  • Export Data Content

The map websites, that employ statistics map APIs, have the capability to display statistics maps and graphs, and to display statistical data through maps. Furthermore, legends and graduated symbols are also utilized on statistics maps to convey statistical information and enable users to comprehend the meaning of each statistics map. The types of a statistics map, like map color, graduated scales and graduated symbol settings, can be applied by website developers directly through API parameters.

In addition, statistics map APIs support to map time-series data that enables users to display statistics maps and statistical charts in a flexible way. Simultaneity, APIs support to export data content in *.kml, which can be employed and displayed by diverse GIS software promptly. And last but not least, spatial selection function is also provided by statistics map API to enable map interactive manipulation. Therefore, website front-end users will be able to view different statistics results according to functions such as Buffer, Districts Specifying, Selection by dragging.


Different from statistical table and report file download, Statistics Map API Service Platform provides higher quality of computing effect with APIs to deal with abundant data through employing SuperGIS Server 3.1a to build GIS cloud computing function. Besides, the service platform significantly trims the costs of developing client-end websites. With the cloud sharing features, users who utilize statistics map APIs can share statistical data with each other. In this way, the statistical data can be displayed on map for people to read with ease. Moreover, the statistics maps also help to make the most of statistical data.

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