Utilize Geo-processes Online

SuperGIS Server can publish geo-processes designed by the Process Designer in SuperGIS Desktop. The published geo-processes allow users to run them online. Since all the functions in SuperGIS Toolkit can be utilized and chained in the Process Designer, users are able to create tens of thousands of geo-processes from them. Here are two examples of utilizing online geo-processes, one is a commonly used process called shortest path analysis; the other is a newly released function called profile analysis.

To design a shortest path analysis, a process should be formulated as the figure shown below.


The idea of the shortest path analysis is to use a point layer to serve as stops (origins and destinations). And the first thing to do in the process is to delete all the features in the point layer to reset all the stops and then allow users to add points to the point layer. Also, please don’t forget to set the Input Point Coordinates as the process parameter. Finally, the process result will be a line layer showing the shortest path. Users can run the shortest path analysis in the ultra application and get the shortest path between two points.


The other example in this article is the profile analysis. An example process is designed and shown in the figure below.


First we assign a line layer to be the input of the profile analysis to get a cross-section of the DEM surface. Also use the delete features function to reset the input lines for each analysis. And then set Input Line Coordinates as the process parameter. The process result will be a line feature containing the z value of each vertex. For this process, we also build an ultra application example, so you can try to plot the profile and visualize the cross-section of the DEM surface.


In conclusion, SuperGIS Toolkit provides users hundreds of analyses, and users can develop even more processes by combining different functions together. And the process can also be published online so that all the internet users can access and run your processes.

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