Climate Change Vulnerability Index System


In order to cope with climate change impacts, Executive Yuan, Taiwan (R.O.C.) gave approval to the Policy Guidelines of Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change, conveying the vison, the target, the strategy and the necessity for Taiwan to adapt for the current and future climate changes.

For the major highway-railway construction, one of the main infrastructures for maintaining functions operation and economy development in Taiwan, is also a significant part of disaster prevention and response mechanism; Institute of Transportation, MOTC needs to assess the vulnerability of transportation facilities according to the climate change impacts to reduce damage risk and live losses.


To provide references to conduct risk assessment for the coming climate changes and promote the establishment and the integration of the adaptation information platform with the existing system, Institute of Transportation, MOTC planned to build “Climate Change Vulnerability Index System” to assist Ministry of Transportation And Communications (MOTC), R.O.C. and the related governing agencies in arranging applicable adaptation strategies and programs.


Institute of Transportation, MOTC employed technologies of SuperGIS Desktop to build Climate Change Vulnerability Index System on desktop, helping to assess vulnerability of major highway-railway construction, improve the efficiency of adaptation strategies and analyzing results and support to make better decisions.

Equipping with plentiful GIS tools, SuperGIS Desktop is a professional GIS platform which provides spatial data and various GIS functions such as relevant data display, editing, management, query and analysis.
The Climate Change Vulnerability Index System which utilizes SuperGIS Desktop technologies can help administrators modify map content efficiently and facilitate map output with its customization functions.

What is worth mentioning is that the Climate Change Vulnerability Index System is designed to be capable of accessing the GIS data and plentiful map services on Taiwan Transportation Decision Support System (TTDSS), including the transportation system and stations, administrative region, construction plans, transportation requirements, etc. Based on the customization technologies of SuperGIS Desktop and the data sharing mechanism, Climate Change Vulnerability Index System assists the related agencies in reducing duplications of geographic data processing workflow through integrating map data with the GIS platform on desktop.


Climate Change Vulnerability Index System Desktop version is equipped with four function modules: Assessment and Adaption, Reference Maps, Basemaps and Extension for Applications, enabling users to employ and display the existing maps according to different requirements and print out and export the set theme maps effortlessly.

1. Assessment and Adaption:
Each assessment aspect can be used and displayed through assessment indices of “Year Layer” and “Highway-Railway Layer” within the sub-menu. After selecting the layers, users can display, print out and export the specified map data and query the required indices. In addition, users can utilize the customization interface which supports to switch among different basemaps and reference maps to export plentiful maps.

2. Reference Maps:
With this module, users can apply and overlay diverse reference maps such as Transportation System Map, Highway and Railway Construction Map, Significant Development Region Map, Transportation Requirement Map and so forth, according to specific requirements.

3. Basemaps:
By using the Basemaps module, plenty of basemaps like Administrative Districts Map, Society and Economy Map, Topographic Map, Environmentally Sensitive Area, Urban Plan Map, etc. can be used and overlaid.

4. Extension for Applications:
This module helps users to customize the map and import the results of climate change assessment researched by Highway and Railway administrative agencies.


Built with SuperGIS Desktop technologies, the Climate Change Vulnerability Index System GIS desktop version supports MOTC and the highway and Railway administrative agencies to overlay and produce GIS data regarding to the requirements by switching among different function modules and employing database and map services from TTDSS. Furthermore, the result of climate change assessment researched by the Highway and Railway administrative agencies is mashup within the desktop platform, helping related agencies to enhance the efficiency of decision making and to work out appropriate adaptation strategies and plans.

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