The SuperPad NTRIP Extension

Real Time Kinematic (RTK) satellite navigation, one of the latest and widely used technology within the field of Differential GNSS (DGNSS), significantly enhanced the precision of the positioning data. While in the old days the accuracy with nominal GNSS can be around 8-10 meters only, RTK positioning method has such an advantage to raise it upon to centimeters. Also, with the popularity of the mobile communication and data service, receiving RTK data via the Internet had no longer been an issue in the field. Now with the newly added NTRIP extension, SuperPad not only be capable of handling post-process DGNSS workflow, but also of allowing users to connect to their network RTK service provider with NTRIP protocol, bringing the convenient and highly accurate real-time data collecting workflow for advanced field work.



To apply with the RTK data streaming, please make sure that your device is operable and linked to the Internet via mobile network or WIFI. Also, you might need a set of username and password to access the specific virtual reference station (VRS) RTK service provider. To use the NTRIP Extension within SuperPad, please turn on the module in the setting pages; the function icon will show on the upper toolbar subsequently.

Settings and Apply

Before enabling the RTK correction function provided by NTRIP extension, a quick setup which allows users to customize a set of parameters might be needed. As we support various GNSS modules, users can choose the chips settings among U-Blox, Hemisphere and Novatel. The connection between GNSS Chipset will be automatically done, no complicated syntax or command line is needed. Other settings like data sending/receiving ports, server, mount point and etc., is also needed before activating the NTRIP connection.

Apply and Results

Progress of the SuperPad NTRIP Extension is also visualized as a condition monitoring informer on the main map frame, telling users the connection status and the activation of NTRIP communication. Also, users looking for the accuracy or precision status with the RTK correction will find it clearly presented by the renewed GPS Status pages. In this way, more details about the fixing mode will be told, and so will plenty of the GNSS information.


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