Land Use Investigation System of Feitsui Reservoir Catchment Area


The economy in Taiwan grew rapidly in sixties, and the water demand increased at the same time. To resolve water deficiency in Taipei caused by mass groundwater extraction and drought season, Executive Yuan, Taiwan (R.O.C.) approved to build the Feitsui Reservoir by the downstream side of Beishi River. It is the major reservoir supplying water to the Taipei region.

Feitsui Reservoir has been operated for more than 27 years. For comprehending and tracing the information and transformation of land use of the catchment area, ensuring environmental and ecological stability and preventing illegal land use and pollutions around the reservoir, Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration arranged the “Land Use and Transformation of Catchment Area Management and Query System” to support the “Land Use of Feitsui Reservoir Investigation and Evaluation Plan”.


By integrating the desktop system with the mobile system, Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration can monitor and comprehend the situation and transformation of land use of reservoir’s catchment area effortlessly and effectively. In this way, all the information can be applied as the references for the administration to evaluate how to manage reservoir’s catchment area, make arrangements of sustainable development and strategies for Feitsui Reservoir, protect water source and quality and achieve the target of sustainable use.


Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration uses SuperGIS Server as the core to build “Land Use of Reservoir’s Catchment Area Query System” which contains diverse geodatabases within, assisting the administration in supervising information of the very current land uses and transformation. In addition, the “Land Transformation of Reservoir’s Catchment Area Management and Query System” is also built to interpret land uses through various geodatabases. Furthermore, the current situation of land uses and the land-related information are also cross-referred and analyzed for GPS examination system, providing field surveyors with related data and supporting connection between devices and the database. The administration also adopts UAV to take aerial photos and select specified images, uses GIS technologies to integrate geographic data with aerial photos and applies the results on diverse analyses and researches.


The primary tasks are:

  1. Investigate and compare land uses through the GIS system and satellite images to comprehend changes of land uses of reservoir’s catchment area in different periods. Therefore, the results, including location and region of the newly added, the reduced and the illegal land uses, will be employed as references for the administration to coordinate with the public and to manage the administrating region.
  2. Update and organize the real-time data of the land in the administrating region through the management and query system, enabling related administrators to comprehend the land information and providing the data for up-coming e-services and information query.
  3. Employ GPS examination system to significantly simplify administrative workflow of field surveyors’ tasks, record data instantly to enhance recognition rate and accuracy of real-time information and reduce time and paper waste while surveying.
  4. Improve interior data sharing, integration and analyzing by systemized procedures, and provide supervisors and decision makers with better-organized decision making information to elevate system using effect and decision quality.
  5. Boost land-use arrangements, improve management efficiency and prevent illegal land development instantly according to the results of investigation and evaluation to reduce the causes of water pollution and control quality and storage safety of water in reservoir’s catchment area.

1. “Land Use of Reservoir’s Catchment Area Query System”:
Based on SuperGIS Server, the “Land Use of Reservoir’s Catchment Area Query System” is built to integrate related spatial data with attribute data for the following data query and e-service applications. With the system, Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration reorganized important interior data, including Water Supply, Amount of Rainfall, Water Quality, CCTV Image Monitoring, Locations of Prohibitory Signs and Notice Boards in Catchment Area, Boundary Post of the Water Storage Area around Upstream of the Reservoir, Potential Data of Slide Land, etc., and imported the data to GIS database for data query, displaying and analyses. Besides, the spatialized data that contain spatial coordinates, descriptions and photos are also imported to “Land Use and Transformation of Catchment Area Management and Query System” for users to query.


2. “Land Use and Transformation of Catchment Area Management and Query System”: 

Base on Geographic Information System and the Internet, the “Land Use and Transformation of Catchment Area Management and Query System” is a system built for spatial data query and management. The system supports multiple users’ interface, allowing users to log in at the same time to query geographic information and manage land transformation data on the Internet and improving sharing and integration of interior data of Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration.


Through the GIS system employing SuperGIS Server as the core and diverse functions like geo-referencing, address geocoding, digitization, coordinate transformation and so on, the Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration can easily spatialize content of paper archives to help related administrators to comprehend spatial data of reservoir’s catchment area, assist decision makers in elevating decision quality and enhance efficiency of reservoir management.

The source data of this success story is provided by Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration.

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