Query with Mobile Cadastral Solution

Mobile Cadastral GIS, a mobile App developed through SuperGIS Engine (for Android), is an application designed for cadastral data positioning, query and measurement. Integrating with GIS, GPS and e-Compass technologies, this app assists surveyors in comprehending the current position and cadastral data and in conducting task more sufficiently.

Mobile Cadastral GIS enables users to position, display cadastral map and overlay layers on mobile devices directly. Besides, it also supports to record and manage waypoints and track data through working with GPS, so that the field surveyors can easily trace their previous work.

In addition to functions including query, measurement and photo taking, Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.2 focuses on the enhancement of overall performance, photo-taking functions and user interface, and supports STC map tiles, etc. New features of Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.2 include:

Enhance Photo-taking Functions

  1. Support to display the photo position on the map: After clicking Record Photo Position Data, the place where photo is taken with Mobile Cadastral GIS will be positioned, recorded and saved as a point data on the layer. Subsequently, all the photo position data will be displayed with symbol on the map for the user to view.
  2. Support to utilize query function to view photo directly by tapping the photo symbol on the map.

Improve User Interface

  1. The result of cadastral data query and photo query will be displayed on the same screen. In this way, users can switch tabs speedily by tapping icons and view different query results effectively.
  2. Support to display track distance collected by GPS on the screen. Thus, users can easily realize the distance of the recorded track during field survey task without adopting other GIS platforms.
  3. Support to show Z value on GPS status bar.

Support STC Basemap

In addition to SGT cache map, Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.2 now supports STC cache map to improve the efficiency of map viewing. By utilizing Cache Generator within SuperGIS Desktop 3.2, users can generate cache map tile straightforwardly.
Mobile Cadastral GIS is an exclusive GIS App designed for Taiwan cadastral data query. For assisting global users in layer overlaying, field-survey data collecting, GPS positioning, photo taking and GPS track recording on mobile devices, Supergeo provides powerful SuperSurv both for iOS and Android. The free edition can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store. To find solutions for more application domains, please contact us with e-mail: staff@supergeotek.com.

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