Integration between SuperGIS Server and Google Map

SuperGIS Server 3.1a comprehensive and server-based GIS, is designed to enable the organizations to create, manage, integrate and publish a variety of spatial services. Therefore, the spatial data in all types as well as GIS functions can be applied in desktop, mobile and web applications over the internet. Also, the ideal workflow for enterprises can be constructed to promote decision-making and productivity.

In order to optimize ability to support diverse data sources and provide administrators with a more flexible server structure the new SuperGIS Server 3.1 enhances the integration with open GIS sources and works with SuperGIS Network Server 3.

To integrate SuperGIS Server 3.1 with Google Map with ease, what users need to do is utilize Google Map API to overlay SuperGIS Server map service on platform of Google Map. Additionally, Google Map service can also be embedded into SuperGIS Server website to overlay SuperGIS Server map service through applying SuperGIS Server API.

1. Integration between SuperGIS Server Map Service and Google Map Platform

1.1 Prepare proper map data

Proper map data should be prepared in advance before being displayed or overlaid with SuperGIS Server map service on Google Map platform. What should be noticed is that the coordinate system of Google Map is different from those commonly-used systems. The coordinate system of Google Map is similar to World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS 84). However, instead of WGS 84 ellipsoid, Google Map is based on the sphere whose inverse flattening is 0.

Thus, please make sure that the service which will be published to overlay with Google Map adopts the spatial data of WGS 84. Then build a Google Map coordinate system file (*.PRJ) based on the sphere whose inverse flattening is 0 to replace WGS 84 file datum.


1.2 Build Map Project File

To publish SuperGIS Server map service, you need to build a map project file according to map data you prepared in advance. Also, in order to have SuperGIS Server display the map data accurately, a Google Map projected coordinate system based on sphere whose inverse flattening which is 0 should be built.


After Google Map projected coordinate system file is built, you can start SuperGIS Desktop and add map data that are prepared in advance, and then set the layer coordinate system as the one that Google Map adopts. That is to say, you can adopt the Google Map projected coordinate system file directly. Then, save the map data in *.SGD format after finishing settings of layer coordinate system.


1.3 Publish SuperGIS Server Map Service

If you would like to overlay SuperGIS Server map services with Google Map, the map services must follow the rules of Google Map, such as map scale, map extent, cached image size and so forth. Furthermore, only map cache service published by SuperGIS Server can be overlaid and displayed with Google Map accurately.

On the page of publishing SuperGIS Server map cache service, users have to adopt regulation of Google Map settings such as scale level, map extent, cache extent size and etc. to publish map cache service. Users can click “OK” to publish SuperGIS Server map cache service after finishing settings. Google Map provides global map data with 21 scale levels. While setting scale of map cache service, what users need to do is set the map service scale in the overlaid map extent.


1.4 Build Map Website
SuperGIS Server provides a basic Google Map Website sample which comprises an implemented Google Map layer. By utilizing Google Map API, users are able to add this layer into website and overlay with Google Map.

Users are able to connect to the website on browsers and view Google Map data and SuperGIS Server map services by following the steps below:

  1. Find out the web directory in installation directory of SuperGIS Server.
  2. Modify the website code by replacing layer code with the published map code in map service.
  3. Set website directory as virtual directory to build the website.

2. Integrating Google Map with SuperGIS Server Website

The way to integrate Google Map with SuperGIS Server Website is similar to the steps of integrating SuperGIS Server map service with Google Map. The system adopts SuperGIS Server platform to integrate with Google Map this time. Except map scale, users are allowed to customize map extent and cache image size of map cache service. Please see the instruction of integrating Google Map with SuperGIS Server Website below, and refer to “Prepare proper map data” and “Publish SuperGIS Server Map Service” in the previous sections.

We need to build a SuperGIS Server Ultra web adopting right map service with SuperGIS Server Manager. After that, we are able to find the website under wwwroot directory and modify the content of home page. Firstly, add Google Map API into web code and apply SuperGIS Server API to add a Google Map layer as base map. While integrating Google Map with SuperGIS Server platform, users can add, overlay and display Google Map in the existing map service with ease by adding codes (codes in blue) into SuperGIS Server Ultra web code.


Then, users will be able to view Google Map overlaying SuperGIS Server map service by connecting to SuperGIS Server Ultra website with browsers.

SuperGIS Server 3.1 Value Edition was officially launched. SuperGeo provides comprehensive and mature technologies for GIS industry to meet requirements from GIS Cloud market.

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