GIS Management Platform for Enterprise Management


In order to effectively manage and integrate various types of data, Asia Pacific Telecom utilizes SuperGIS Server 3 to establish a single service platform which allows the staff to access, use, and manage the spatial data.

Developed with the latest GIS software for the customized application development, the platform also provides function services that enhance the mechanism of management and maintenance. The standalone mapping functions and spatial analysis functions are integrated into the enterprise GIS management platform to efficiently reduce work hours and accelerate working efficiency.


1. Online Editing: Online editing enables users to add, edit and delete the features and the attributes online.
2. API functions: API provides various map navigation functions and allows to rapidly label more than 3000 points.


The single intranet-based service platform enables users to query the maps and edit the spatial data conveniently. As a result, the data can effectively be managed and shared by the numerous departments to enhance the enterprise efficiency. Moreover, the system also provides web API services that enable the staff to apply to internal GIS query and display.


Environmental Planning
I. GIS Server Software
SuperGIS Server is adopted as the core of GIS system; thus, users are able to query, analyze and edit spatial data through the map server.

II. Database Management Software
The database management software adopts Microsoft SQL Server 2008; the functions of spatial database construct the spatial data and increase efficiency of querying.

III. Platform Planning
The platform mainly provides map manipulating, positioning, web API services, query, online editing, statistical charts, etc.


The system mainly provides the functions below:

1.Map Positioning
To improve situation that many door-plates could not be located, map positioning adopts “Address Locator” to locate address of door-plate. It provides related spatial data, the information of Internet Data Center, quick querying and displays information of map spatial position at the same time.

The system provides door-plate location functions.

2.Attribute Query
Attribute Query enables users to identify the maps by clicking and find the related attributes of the target position, including spatial statistical data. 

Map API ServiceUsers can query the map to get the related data of the target position.

3.Editing Spatial Data Online
Users are able to edit spatial data containing point, line and polygon without installing any other components. The function also supports to add, edit, and delete vertices of features and attribute data.

The system allows users to edit the features and attributes through browsers.

4.Querying Signal Quality of Mobile Network
This function enables users to query and display mobile network coverage and signal quality. After entering the address, users can see the positioned location and its signal quality on the map.

Querying Signal Quality of Mobile Network

5.Map API Service
The Map API service including basic map manipulation, translucent dialog box and graph plotting, etc, enables the staff to manipulate applications on the map service platform. It also supports to label 3,000 sets of coordinates within fifteen seconds at a time.

The information of mobile network shows on the map.

System Benefit
Enterprise web functions are integrated together through the single internet platform to incorporate the inter-departmental information. All of the data are displayed with maps and graphs that allows users to intuitively manipulate, distinguish the analysis results and also enhances the value of information publishng and sharing within the enterprise.

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