Yehliu Geopark Navigation System (Android Version)


Yehliu Geopark, the famous geological attraction in North-eastern Taiwan, owns the unique seashore landscape that attracts millions of tourists to visit the park every year. To improve the navigation quality, Yehliu Geopark provides an electronic navigation system that enables users to travel with multi-media, like text, audio, pictures, etc. The navigation system was only available on Windows Mobile system. However, considering that more and more Android phones are on the market, Yehliu Geopark navigation system is planned to support Android system so that users can directly install the navigation system on Android phones and visit the geopark with ease.


Yehliu Geopark is a wide scenic area composed of abundant geologic resources; tourists who travel without tour guide might only walk around and look around rather than appreciate and understand the composition of each terrain. Therefore, how to integrate large quantities of information into a navigation system and how to create friendly user interfaces for the navigation system becomes a challenging issue. Since most of the tourists are the first-time users to operate the navigation system, the interface and the navigation system performance would directly influence user acceptance of the navigation system.

Moreover, the current navigation system is available on Windows Mobile system; thus, how to rebuild a system to fit Android system is another issue. There are differences between Windows Mobile system and Android system, such as manipulation and interface.

Additionally, for the park administration, to collect the data of the most popular scenic spots in the geopark is essential for facility maintenance. Therefore, how the navigation system can provide the data seems to be challenging as well.

Yehliu Geopark Navigation System

Yehliu GeoPark Navigation System (Android version) is developed with SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0 (for Android). SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 integrates GIS and GPS technologies, enabling administrators to develop a navigation system including GPS functions, navigation, and basic GIS functions.

The route of Yehliu GeoPark Navigation System is set with SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager. The administrators can select the layers, set the descriptions of scenic spots, choose the routes, and set the system settings, etc. The friendly interface of SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager allows administrators to modify the contents and the settings of the system effectively. Therefore, it is effortless to update the data to the navigation system.

The structure of Yehliu Geopark Navigation System (Android Version)

The tourists carrying the navigation system are able to travel easily with the designed route in the park area. During the trip, the system will automatically play the related introduction to the scenic spot as the tourists are approaching the scenic spot. As a result, the tourists can gain the plentiful and detailed navigation with ease.

Furthermore, to analyze the scenic spots the tourists visit frequently, the navigation system automatically record the track log as KML file every 20 seconds. Therefore, as the tourists return the Android phones, the geopark administrators can upload the KML file to SuperGIS Desktop and have further analysis.


Yehliu Geopark Navigation System (Android Version) enables users to enjoy the trip through the basic map navigation functions and abundant content from multimedia. The built-in multimedia are provided in four types, text, audio, pictures, and videos, so the tourists can understand the terrain more clearly instead of passing by the scenic spots.

Yehliu Geopark Navigation System supports GPS navigation function that can guide users to the spots in the route and clearly indicate the distance between the current position and the next spot to prevent users from getting lost. In addition, as users are deviating from the route or approaching the dangerous zone, the system will launch warning message or sound to remind tourists of the safety.

Since millions of tourists are attracted to visit the park each year, it is essential that the navigation should support multi-languages. Yehliu Geopark Navigation System supports 4 languages, such as Mandarin, English, Japanese, and Korean which could provide the best navigation services for more international tourists.

The navigation system is like other Android applications that support multi-touch and can be operated with the four buttons on the phone. Besides, the new version of Yehliu Geopark Navigation System supports Augmented Reality function to help tourists know the direction of the other scenic spots in the park. Therefore, the informative contents of the navigation system and the friendly interface can be seen as a helpful tool, like a real tour guide, to introduce for the tourists.


The friendly user interface helps tourists find the scenic spot easily.
Yehliu Geopark Navigation System (Android Version) can be either rented from the tourist center or downloaded from the geopark website. The navigation system for renting is able to record the track log, and the track log would be the important references for the geopark administration to analyze the hotspot in the park. Consequently, the park administration can enhance the facility maintenance and even plan a new scenic spot. On the other hand, tourists can download the navigation system before visiting the geopark so that the tourists can read the introduction of the scenic spots and plan the route in advance.

The new version of Yehliu Geopark Navigation System (Android Version) provides a new way for tourists to visit the famous geologic park. During the trip, the system introduces the scenic spots automatically and also displays the warning message if the tourists are deviating from the route. Additionally, the track log file recorded in the navigation system can be the essential references for park administration and further analysis. Consequently, the navigation system not only provides convenient services for tourists but also assists the park administration in managing the park facilities.

The friendly user interface helps tourists find the scenic spot easily.
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