A Brief Talk on SOA

From the aspect of the development in IT (Information Technology) industry, the globalization and electronic commerce have resulted in the rapid change of IT environment as well as the intense competitions. Because of product competition and the growth of Internet, the clients expect that their requests can be satisfied more quickly. As a result, the enterprises must enhance their technologies in shorter time to meet the more and more new requests from the clients. Otherwise, it would become harder for the enterprises to survive.

Since 1980s to now, the business organization structure has been significantly changed with the growth of business demands and task partitioning. The picture below shows the evolution of business organization structure. Therefore, due to the various needs and the change in business organization structure, IT environment should be altered to respond to the business demands more flexibly and more swiftly. Consequently, to respond to the trend of change in IT structure, the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) concept is generated.


SOA is a flexible set of design principles used during the phases of systems development and integration. It also generally provides a way for consumers of services to be aware of available SOA-based services. The elements of the SOA mostly include the three parts, Object, Service and Process. When enterprises or service providers receive the external requests, “Process” defines the process flow to handle the external requests; “Service” packs all the needed program objects to handle the specific process into the type of web service; “Object” is the program responsible for the execution of the work. Nowadays SOA has turned to be the crucial technology architecture for current software development; the integration between different systems can be easier and the reusability of the program can be much higher. The developers do not have to develop by themselves or need to have all the program objects; instead, they can combine the most suitable services from the web without being limited by the specific product’s function or by the platform and really achieve the goal of openness.


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