Yehliu Geopark Navigation System


Yehliu Geopark, one of the famous attractions in northern Taiwan, has the rare seashore landscape and abundant flora, fauna, and marine life. Millions of domestic and foreign tourists are attracted to visit the part every year. In order to help the tourists understand the scenic spot more, the park not only improves the quality of software and hardware in the park but also hires professional tour guides and publishes a large number of brochures. However, the tour guide is usually applied by a group of tourists, and the brochures usually do not fit the status quo of the park. As a result, for the 50,000 tourists on average every month, only 27% of the tourists can gain the abundant information.

To solve the problem described above, Yehliu Geopark builds an electronic navigation system to improve the navigation services. With the upgrade of navigation services, the tourists can know more about Yehliu Geopark more rather than just walk around the park.


Yehliu Geopark owns the rare geologic scenic area so the park administration expects tourists to know the landscapes deeper with the professional navigation services. Therefore, the park administrators hope to apply the electronic navigation system to provide professional navigation services for tourists. Furthermore, what the navigation system focuses on includes the multi-language support, route selection, GPS navigation, and the abundant navigation contents. The park administrators also hope to provide the better navigation services for each tourist by the electronic navigation system and make the tourists impressed by the journey.

The Queen’s Head is the most well-known in Yehliu Geopark.

Given that the electronic navigation services provided by scenic spots are unidirectional and standard which cannot interact with tourists and may decrease tourists’ motivation, how to increase the interaction between the system and tourists, make the contents more interesting, and motivates tourists to get to know the history and scenic spots become the important challenge of the project.

Moreover, Yehliu Geopark is a scenic area with abundant geologic resources so that tourists can obtain plentiful information about the geopark. However, how the large amount of data can be operated smoothly in a navigation system becomes another vital issue.

Besides abundant navigation information providing, the friendly interface is also another challenge. The easy-to-use manipulation environment can not only avoid the errors caused during the manipulation but also decrease the cost of maintenance. Meanwhile, it would be able to motivate tourists to know the beauty of Yehliu more.


Yehliu Geopark Navigation System is a mobile navigation system developed with SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3. SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 integrates GIS and GPS technologies, enabling administrators to develop a navigation system not only with GPS functions and navigation introductions but also equipped with basic GIS functions. In the process of developing, administrators can apply the administration application, SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager, to set the navigation layers, the information of the scenic spots, routes, settings of the system, etc so that a location based navigation system is created. Furthermore, SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager is so easy-to-use that administrators are allowed to modify the contents and settings of the navigation system according to the status quo of the park. Therefore, the usability and timeliness of the data in the navigation system can be improved. Consequently, the built-up navigation system can be deployed to the handheld devices equipped with GPS chip via SD card or cable. For those administrators who need large scale deployment of the system, it would be able to effectively save the time for deployment.

The structure of Yehliu Geopark Navigation System

For tourists, with the handheld device which has been developed with navigation system, they will be able to travel easily with the designed route in the park area. During the trip, the system will automatically play the introduction to the scenic spot as the tourists are approaching the scenic spot. As a result, the tourists can gain the plentiful and detailed navigation with ease.

In addition, SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 is the development core of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3 so that the developed mobile navigation systems are able to be implemented in the handheld devices supporting .NET CF. That is to say, it can avoid the problem of incompatibility of software and hardware.


Yehliu Geopark owns special terrains, geologic landscapes, and abundant human culture which are worthy of visiting. The easy and friendly manipulation environment of Yehliu Geopark Navigation System enables users to enjoy the navigation through the basic map navigation functions. The built-in plentiful narrations are provided in four types of media, text, audio, pictures, and videos, so the tourists can feel more connected with the extraordinary landscapes not only via the audio narration but also the text descriptions and dynamic videos. Thus, it seems like a real tour guide introduce for them.

Yehliu Geopark Navigation System supports GPS navigation function that can guide users to the next spot and indicate the distance clearly to prevent users from getting lost. In addition, Yehliu Geopark Navigation System allows users to skip scenic spots in the route or go back to the previous scenic post which is quite different from other navigation system. Consequently, users can adjust the procedure of the navigation to enjoy the journey more. In addition, as users are deviating the route or approaching the dangerous zone, the system will launch warning message or music to remind tourists of the safety.

Since Yehliu Geopark has rare seashore landscape and plentiful flora, fauna, marine resource, millions of tourists are attracted to visit the park each year. Therefore, it is essential that the navigation should support multi-languages. Yehliu Geopark Navigation System supports 4 languages, such as Mandarin, English, Japanese, and Korean which could provide the best navigation services for the international tourists.

Yehliu Geopark Navigation System not only provides the tourists with the timely navigation information, decreases the cost of printing brochures but also enables tourists to enjoy the professional and high-quality navigation services and know the park more. Last but not lease, the navigation system also facilitates the staffs in the park to have the finest service plan and provide the best navigation services.

Yehliu Geopark Navigation System enables tourists to enjoy the professional and high-quality navigation services.
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