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Server GIS
SuperGIS Server
SuperGIS Server gives you the ability to create, manage, and distribute GIS services over the Web to support desktop, mobile and Web mapping applications.
SuperGIS Server Clients
We provide several free client tools for users to access the map services published by SuperGIS Server, aiming at SuperGIS Desktop users, ArcGIS for Desktop users, and Android devices users.
SuperGIS Server Desktop Client 3.2(2014/11/04) 7,695 KB
SuperGIS Server Publisher(2014/10/06) 2,057 KB
SuperGIS Server Client for ArcMap 9.3(2013/05/07) 4,650 KB
SuperGIS Server Client for ArcMap 10(2013/05/07) 5,390 KB
SuperGIS Mobile Viewer(2013/04/16) 10,390 KB
SuperWebGIS 3.0(2011/08/16) 125,291 KB
SuperGIS 3D Earth Server
SuperGIS 3D Earth Server is the GIS software that allows you to display and share all your GIS data in a 3D view, which is a breakthrough technology in traditional GIS systems. By exploring the data in the virtual globe, it is much easier to see the spatial relationships between different features.
SuperGIS 3D Earth Client
Free client tools are provided for end-users to access the 3D map published by SuperGIS 3D Earth Server 3.2.
SuperGIS 3D Earth 3.2 (Client)(2014/12/09) 17,421 KB
SuperGIS Network Server
SuperGIS Network Server offers you advanced network data analysis capabilities via Web services. The powerful network analysis tools can be deployed for web applications without installing additional GIS software on the client side.

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