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SuperSurv 3
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SuperSurv enhances your field survey productivity with the efficient data collection and friendly user interface. The mobile GIS App enables users to conduct field work on iOS and Android smart phones and tablet.

Efficient Data Collection & Edit
Collect data and save as vector files (SHP/ GEO) for offline editing.
Input and edit attribute data in various forms, like text, numeric, date, etc.
Survey with custom attribute table to enter the data more effectively.
Add features with accurate survey tools.
Easy Map Manipulation
Zoom in/out and pan the map.
Get the current position and direction easily with e-compass and GPS status bar.
Identify and search the features on a specified layer.
Measure length, area, and features.
Add waypoints by tapping the map or GPS position
Waypoint guidance shows the distance and direction between the target and current
Utilize OpenStreetMap as the basemap for display and edit existing layers.
Integrating with Enterprise GIS
Display the SuperGIS Server services as the basemap.
Import and edit the feature services published by SuperGIS Server.
Update the collected features and attributes to synchronize with SuperGIS Server.
Various GPS functions
Display current GPS position and direction with fan-shaped area on the map.
Record GPS track and save as SHP or KML file format.
GPS status bar shows the coordinates of current position.
Capture photo with GPS coordinates.
Layer Management
All layers and related files, like waypoints, photos, GPS track, managed with project.
Switch the layer order to display with cached map and online map.
Modify feature symbol in each layers with the predefines point, line, and polygon styles.
SuperSurv 3.2 (for Android) Specification
What's New in SuperSurv 3.2 (for Android)
SuperSurv (for iOS) Specification




Edit features with survey tools
Measure area
Symbol Settings


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