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SuperSurv 3
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Common Questions

Common Questions


What is SuperSurv?
  SuperSurv, mobile survey system, integrating GIS and GPS technologies is a mobile GIS system for surveying field data, which works on Android and iOS mobile devices. The main functions include collecting data, orientation, map display and waypoint guidance.
How to get the license to activate SuperSurv?

1. If you have not got the license, the screen will show the message below as you start SuperSurv. If you have purchased SuperSurv, you can tap License to enter the serial number. If you choose to tap Trial, and you will have 10-minute for trial.

2. Please Enter the serial number and tap OK. As the application is licensed successfully, it will start SuperSurv automatically.




Data Management

Can I use the custom map as the basemap on SuperSurv?
  You can create your personal map on SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a and save pre-generate map to the folder named “SuperSurv” on the mobile device.
What data formats does SuperSurv support?
  SuperSurv supports to save the collected data in SHP and GEO files, record GPS tracking data as SHP and KML files, and import and export waypoints of TXT, CSV, and KML.
Can I export the collected data from SuperSurv and edit the data in SuperGIS Desktop?
  Yes, SuperSurv supports to export SHP and GEO formats so that users can apply the collected data in SuperGIS Desktop or other GIS applications for further processing and analyzing.





Why can’t the real-time GPS position match my current position?
  The real-time GPS position gets the signal from satellite or internet (AGPS). The accuracy of GPS position depends on the density of received signal, so the position will be a little different sometimes.
Is there any restriction for coordinate system on SuperSurv?
  SuperSurv supports global coordinate system. You have to ensure that the created data can be displayed in WGS84 system while creating the scenic spot information and pre-generate map (cached map).
Does SuperSurv support multi-language user interface?
  SuperSurv now supports the user interface in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish.




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