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SuperGIS Server 3
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Key Features

SuperGIS Server gives you the ability to create, manage, and distribute GIS services over the Web to support desktop, mobile and Web mapping applications.

Publish diverse GIS Services
You can employ SuperGIS Server to centrally manage a large quantity of spatial data to reduce the cost of data storage and also to publish the data as numerous types of services, such as map, cache service, and feature service. Meanwhile, you can integrate the services with traditional GIS analysis to provide front-end users powerful GIS tools.
Manage Data with Geodatabase
Users are allowed to create, read, store and manage large spatial data in a DBMS, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Spatial, Postgre SQL. Data stored in these DBMS can be directly published to SuperGIS Server.
Provide Application Developer Tools
To enable users to customize their web applications, SuperGIS Server provides a wizard to assist users in creating Web applications with ease and offers a variety of APIs for JavaScript, Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight for creating rich interactive applications. Moreover, developers can apply the software developer kit (SDK) to customize and deploy mobile GIS applications to connect to SuperGIS Server services.
Highly Scalable GIS Server Platform
SuperGIS Server provides the organizations with a highly scalable GIS server platform. The organizations are allowed to add servers to build the appropriate server environment to share GIS resources for all business levels from small workgroups to the enterprises. The organizations can also deploy SuperGIS Server on Cloud infrastructure to improve their competitiveness.


Download SuperGIS  Server 3.2 Specification




Users can easily integrate various services and GIS functions on SuperGIS Server website.
SuperGIS Server Manager enables user to publish services and create web applications effectively
Various API samples are provided on SGDN webiste



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