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SuperField 3.1
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SuperField 3.1 is designed for lightweight field-workers who require basic GIS tools. It gives them the sufficient ability to complete basic field tasks with economical cost.

SuperField 3.1 has various basic and necessary GIS tools as well as the easy and intuitive user interface. It allows you to proceed with basic survey in a standalone environment and to decrease the burden of manipulation. In addition, the competitive price lets users achieve tasks in an economical way.

With SuperField, you can:

  Perform basic field survey efficiently.
  Integrate GPS and digital cameras into a GIS data collection.
  Implement it in all of mobile devices supporting .NET CF 2.0 SP 2 and higher.
  Use a cost-effective way to approach your task.




Note: SuperField is only able to be installed on mobile devices, such as PDA, smartphone and so on.

SuperField gives you the sufficient ability to complete basic field tasks.