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GIS Applications

Creating a Fleet Management System with SuperGIS Server
When running a business for logistics or transportation, it is necessary to develop a fleet management system to track down the location and condition of every vehicle. With the help of such system, the transportation company will be able to get the hang of real-time information of all vehicles it has. Learn More
Supplement and Transportation of Public Bike
Connecting the communication among Metro stations in Kaohsiung and city center, city bus and school bus are the primary vehicles for students of Kaohsiung Municipal Chungshan Senior High School. However, the route of city bus was suspended; therefore students who used to take city bus need to take free shuttle instead Learn More
Taiwan Transportation Decision Support System (TTDSS)
Transportation system is composed of roads, railways, subways, ports and airports, etc. The transportation facilities are competitive and complementary among each other. In the past in Taiwan, the construction plans were mostly drawn up and submitted to Executive Yuan by Learn More
Integrated Information of Highway Bus Routes
In recent years, people need traffic information more urgently because of having closer social contact with each other. To meet people’s right to know and enable them to query bus information such as routes, stop information and so forth, “Highway Bus Learn More
The Extension and Maintenance of Taipei City ATIS Website
Taipei City ATIS Website is the website developed by TMS Technologies commissioned by Taipei City Department of Transportation. Taipei City ATIS Website offers numerous types of real-time traffic information, including real-time road information, bus dynamic information system, real-time available parking Learn More
Taichung Dynamic Bus Information & Transit System
The climate in Taichung is pleasant and constantly sunny all the year round. Located in the middle of Taiwan, Taichung is also the economic center for the areas of the south of Miao-li and the north of Yun-lin with a population of six millions. Located in the Learn More
Kinmen e-Bus Information System
Development of sight-seeing industry is the key policy for Kinmen government. With the establishment of national park and the Mini-Three Links, more and more tourists are attracted and come visiting Kinmen. Therefore, how to develop the suitable public transportation Learn More
Less-Than-Truckload Load Matching E-Marketplace Platform
In recent years, the economic development in Taiwan has boosted the logistics industry. In order to decrease the enterprise cost, the logistics vendors devote much money and make lots of efforts to studying how to decrease the cost of the delivery and how to improve the procedure of dispatch Learn More
Ready Mixed Concrete Truck Dispatch Management System
With the global depression, Taiwan has expanded domestic demand to promote the domestic economy. Since construction has been an essential index of economic development, the government agencies started to build considerable infrastructures to boost Learn More
Taipei Bus Information and Transit System
Along with the rapid development of information and communication technology, Intelligent Transportation system (ITS) has become an efficient tool to solve urban transportation problems. Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS) based Learn More
National Traffic Information System
With the economic growth and technological advancement, to build transport network infrastructure is an important issue and development goal in developing countries. In Taiwan, to facilitate citizens to gain complete Learn More
Bus Transport Supervision System
In recent years, Taiwan government has actively assisted bus companies in building Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS) and related equipments and intended to apply communication, information, and automation technologies to improve Learn More
Transportation Sector Decision Support System
Transportation system contains diversified types, including road, railway, subway, port, airline, etc. However, the relationship between each transportation facility is not only competitive but collaborative. In the past, the plans of building each Learn More
Traffic Impact Assessment Geographic Information System
In this highly developed society, the development of land has been a continuous activity which causes a great connection between land usage and transportation demand. Large scale of development of land changes original land-use intensity to result in Learn More
Bikeway Information Management System
Surrounded by mountains and sea, Keelung has so many unique sceneries attracting visitors to be willing to spend their holidays here doing various activities, such as watch sunset, see beautiful scenes, or have an ecological trip. Recently, bicycle becomes popular Learn More
Taipei City Advanced Traveler Information System Web
With the growth of technology, it becomes more and more convenient to obtain information; however, it is difficult to collect specific information according to users’ needs in a quick way. Taipei City, the biggest city in Taiwan, is a blend of the traditional culture and modern technologies. As the population increases, traffic demands have become one of the public’s Learn More

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