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GIS Applications

Mapping and Charting
Find the Key Factor Influences the Rent with GIS
CS201606 Taipei, the largest city and also the capital of Taiwan, has one of the highest housing prices in the world. According to official government data, the ratio for housing prices to income in Taipei is 15, which means an average adult in Taipei must work a least for fifteen years to own a dwelling, and this ratio doesn't even count the money spent on daily lives. The same index in London is 8.5 while in New York is...Learn More
GIS Application: Analyzing Changes of Housing Prices in Zhongli District
Real-Estate price is often influenced by policy and economy volatilities. Investors and young people who intend to buy houses can cognize the current real-estate price through actual price registration system. Designed for policies of residence justice, the Actual Price Registration System is expected to meet social desirability and improve information asymmetry happening to the current real-estate trading...Learn More

Research of Changes in Main Streets at Huwei Township

Huwei Township, an urban township in the center of Yunlin County, Taiwan, is the secondary significant district for local industries, economy, education, medical care and employment. Since most literature review of Huwei Township focused on the developments of history rather than the studies from geographic and spatial perspectives, the researchers decided to utilize SuperGIS Desktop to display...Learn More


Estimate the Number of Protesters with SuperGIS Desktop

On July 1st, 2014, Hong Kong residents marched through the streets to urge greater democracy in a rally. And a study commissioned by the South China Morning Post estimates 140,000 people took part in the march. The number of people taking part in the annual rally has always been controversial...Learn More


Geographic Distribution and Presentation of Spotted Fever Group Rickettsioses and Zoonoses

Rickettsioses, a Gram-negative obligate intracellular bacteriumare, are a group of diseases that historically include rickettsial diseases. Current classification of rickettsial diseases includes 3 main biogroups: spotted fever group rickettsioses (SFGR), typhus group rickettsioses (TGR), and scrub typhus....Learn More

SuperGIS Applications –Helix Mobile Mapping System (HMMs)
Helix S.r.l., SuperGeo’s exclusive partner in Italy, is a professional company dedicated to studying and developing Geographic Information System and geospatial technology for more than 10 years. In 2011, Helix starts the partnership with SuperGeo and applies SuperGIS products to develop GIS solutions Learn More
SMAP Digital Map Management System
SMAP Technologies Inc. is an electronic map supplier, providing navigation system, LBS, Internet Map, and GIS projects for applications in various fields. Besides Taiwan, SMAP digital map database also includes Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, etc. Moreover, SMAP is eagerly Learn More

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