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GIS Applications

Health Services
A User-friendly Online Map for Long-term Care
In past few decades, population ageing has become one of the most critical issues among most developed countries. Just like an infectious disease, the low birth rate is a widely spread phenomenon in European and East Asian countries. Even in some developing countries, such as China, Brazil, and Russia, the birth rate is continuously at a rather low level, which is below the replacement rate of 2.0 and ... Learn More
Establish an Air Quality Monitoring Map on the Web with SuperGIS Server API
As a known fact, the air is an essential element for all kind of organisms. But in this modern world full of chimneys from factories, it is often hard to find clean and quality air that we can take a deep breath and relax. Located at urban areas, huge factories and power plants usually emit exhaust gas contain complex chemical compounds or micro particulates, which might cause chronic diseases ... Learn More
App Real-time Environment Condition Push App
Since 2000, Environmental Protection Administration had been planning a comprehensive environmental information database and a series of related construction, wishing to provide precise and effective data and the integrated environmental information from environmental-management-related departments to the public;therefore, the public, interior operational sectors of Environmental Protection Administration ... Learn More
Vector Mosquito Data Management System
Located in subtropical zone, Taiwan provides mosquitoes with a proper environment to breed. Besides, under conditions of diverse related factors, epidemic caused by vector mosquito bite occurs easily. Hence, the epidemic control division built Vector Mosquito ... Learn More
Interrupting Space-Time Corridor among Habitats of Dengue Fever Vector
Dengue fever is caused by dengue virus which is transmitted by infected mosquito bite. As there is no approved vaccine for dengue virus, reducing the number of infected mosquito with insecticide is employed as the primary prevention. However, the movement ... Learn More
Health Bureau - Elder-Friendly Navigation System
Owing to population aging, Taichung City Government implements Elder-Friendly City Plan and visits every administration district in Taichung to collect and integrate requirements from the elderly, and rate “Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Consulting Network for Elderly in the Community” as an important issue. Learn More
Epidemic Situation Management GIS System
Situated in subtropical zone, dengue fever has occurred frequently still in recent years. In order to seize and control the epidemic situation thoroughly and to prevent dengue fever, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Taiwan wants to build an epidemic situation management system integrating with GIS Learn More
The Miaoli Health Resource Network
In order to improve service efficiency, ease staffs’ loading and provide abundant healthy information, Miaoli County Public Health Bureau, Taiwan is trying to share information through the internet system effectively. Besides, with the development of geographic Learn More
Environmental Pollution Control GIS
To effectively improve the pollution control and management in Yilan, the Department of Environmental Protection Yilan, Taiwan planned to establish a platform named Yilan Pollution Control GIS with SuperGIS Server. SuperGIS Server allows organizations to distribute GIS data and web Learn More
Epidemic Information Management Geographic Information System
In recent years, the possibility for imported communicable diseases has been greatly increased in Taiwan due to the international interchange, frequent traveling, the adoption of alien workers, etc. In addition, local communicable diseases may occur occasionally, which severely Learn More

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