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GIS Applications

Selecting Optimal Sites for Social Housing by Web GIS
201701_CS Taiwan is one of the countries that have the highest population density in the world. According to the official data from Taiwan government, there are over 36 thousand people that live in per square kilometer on this island. As a result, the housing prices are inevitably high. In the capital city, Taipei, it is almost impossible for young people and disadvantaged families to buy .......Learn More
Network Analysis to Assist Fuel Subsidy
201612_CS Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Taiwan is an island formed by the continental collision of Philippine Sea Plate and Eurasian Plate. Due to this geological background, the land area of Taiwan is majorly covered by mountains and hills. According to the official data from Taiwan government, around 70 percent land area of Taiwan is over 100 meters above sea level, and there are also more than .......Learn More
Adding Statistics to Transportation Decision Supporting System
201611_CS In our daily lives, there is one thing that we cannot avoid is moving. It is important as eating, drinking, and breathing. Though today is era of the internet, people still need to move from their home to the office or the supermarket every day. Nowadays, we have so many ways to move, including walking, riding a bicycle, and taking various vehicles. Therefore, it is essential for transportation administration......Learn More
Built for Effective Governance- the Statistical Map APIs in Taiwan
201609_CS One of the prerequisites for effective governance is to collect detailed demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic data for the whole country, and it is the main reason makes the statistical data and topographic maps so important for every modern country. However, in the past, these two kinds of data were separately collected and stored. So did the situation in Taiwan. Just five years ago, ......Learn More
Checking the Needed Cadastral Data in Seconds
201607_CS SuperGIS DataConvertor is a stand-alone and powerful data conversion tool, which is able to convert files between commonly used formats and Supergeo self-defined formats. With SuperGIS DataConvertor, you don’t need to launch SuperGIS Desktop to convert data for using them in Supergeo product series and other related platforms. Furthermore, SuperGIS DataConvertor also helps you to ......Learn More
The Key to Access Geospatial Open Data in Taiwan: TGOS GIS Cloud
Open data is gaining popularity recently among worldwide public sectors and citizens. In the past, data were often collected only for specific uses: tax data for taxing, traffic data for traffic control, and climate data for climate forecasting, which mostly cannot reuse by other institutions and often leads to unnecessary redundancy. But it is now changed by......Learn More
An Integrated Workflow for Cadastre Mapping
Disputing ownership of real estate often occurs in a country with long history. Before the modernization, people usually just roughly point out their properties by obvious and immovable landscapes, such as rivers, hills or artificial structures. Since landscapes often change, people used to argue or fight for ......Learn More
Vendor Management GIS System
In the early of 2001, spatial information technologies were introduced by City Market Administration Office, helping to build “City Market Management GIS System” with SuperWebGIS. At that time, people don’t have Google Maps API yet; therefore, the technologies of building online GIS system somewhat fortified the task convenience of markets, ......Learn More
Adaptation and Decision Supporting System for Agricultural Production
In recent years, the frequency of climate change and climate anomaly has been increasing gradually, causing loss of agricultural production and markedly threatening the food security of our nation. Therefore, to cope with the climate change and food security issue, a supporting system that can help administrators is needed to assess the suitable natural ......Learn More
Climate Change Vulnerability Index System
In order to cope with climate change impacts, Executive Yuan, Taiwan (R.O.C.) gave approval to the Policy Guidelines of Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change, conveying the vison, the target, the strategy and the necessity for Taiwan to adapt for the current and future climate changes. For the major highway-railway construction, one of the main infrastructures for......Learn More
Land Use Investigation System of Feitsui Reservoir Catchment Area
For comprehending and tracing the information and transformation of land use of Feitsui Reservoir's catchment area, ensuring environmental and ecological stability and preventing illegal land use and pollutions around the reservoir, Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration arranged the “Land Use and Transformation of Catchment Area Management and Query System”......Learn More
The Brain of Taiwan Smart Cities: A GIS Platform for Sharing 2D and 3D Maps and Information
A smart city is defined to improve urban environment, trim costs of city development and energy consumption through technologies to provide citizens with a friendlier city. The core of developing a smart city is to integrate information in domains to make an efficient city. Therefore, building an information sharing platform would be the very first step of constructing a smart city.Learn More
Statistics Map APIs Service Platform
Applying map website to display statistical data becomes a trend in domains. Statistics map enables viewers to comprehend meanings of statistical data through its intuitive and geographic characteristics. Department of Statistics, Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan (ROC) needs to build a service platform that integrates social and economic statistical data in Taiwan Learn More
Spatial Arrangement Supporting System
As the organization for improving National Geographic Information System (NGIS) in Taiwan, National Development Council is in charge of processing the core and essential geographic data and improving the promotion of NGIS through implementing comprehensive data-integration tasks.Learn More
Location Analysis of Funerary Facilities
Because of traditional folk custom in Taiwan, more than half of populace thinks funerary facilities as the number one NIMBY facility. The NIMBY effects are reflected the most in facilities including funeral home, crematorium, memorial tower and cemetery. Firstly, these facilities mostly cause uncomfortable feeling; secondly, real estate near these facilities is Learn More
Reporting and Querying System for Hillside Condition
There is nearly fifteen thousand hectares of hillside land in Taipei, which occupies fifty-five percentage of the city area. However, slope failures are often caused by inappropriate human development on hillside. However, field surveys might be restricted by terrain, and the entire hillside condition is not easy to be seen. In addition, entrances to hilldshades Learn More
Server GIS Mashup with Statistics
GIS Center at Academia Sinica is in charge of planning and advancing GIS related basic researches and integration of resources, building cross-domain integration based on time and spatiality, and creating application environment for analysis and map metaphor. Moreover, this GIS center also has diverse groups of researchers who are responsible for further Learn More
TGOS Cloud
To provide citizens, governments, academic institutions in Taiwan to obtain the spatial data and web services and integrate and apply the data with ease, Ministry of the Interior, ROC (Taiwan) planned to promote “TGOS Cloud Development Plan.” The perspective of TGOS Cloud is to collect, store, and process the spatial data from government departments Learn More
Labor Force Development GIS Platform
To know more about labor markets in Taiwan and enhance capital competitiveness of regional talents and labor force development decision, Taiwan Training Center Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training has built “Labor Force Development GIS Platform” which integrates with GIS technology and widely collects related information of labor market. Learn More
Examination System of Non-Urban Land Development Permission
Construction and Planning Agency (CPA), the central government authority responsible for national spatial resource planning, utilizing, and management, dedicates to balance regional development, promote urban regeneration and townscape reform, and centralize construction management. To examine non-urban land development applications is one of Learn More
Kinmen National Park Spatial Data Management GIS
Kinmen National Park occupies 3720 hectares, covering the Kinmen island and many other islands. Granite gneiss is the major geology. The park is featured with its unique botany, abundant wild animals, well-preserved traditional tribes and the historical battle sites, which makes Learn More
Taiwan Historical Demography GIS
In the Japanese colonial period, the Japanese government carried out a household registration census in Taiwan for the first time in year 1905, aiming to strengthen the ruling power over the colonial economy by exactly understanding the population of Taiwan and controlling Taiwan’s Learn More
China Economic and Social Indicator GIS
Facing the rise of China, Taiwan should actively discuss how to respond to the influence of China’s rapid development. Based on strong development experiences and the increasing academic research results, Taiwan can offer the deep and complete analysis of future Learn More
Taiwan Economic and Social Indicator GIS
Governments make different and numerous public policies to protect the people’s rights in welfare, economy, health care, education and criminal problem. Before making policies, however, policy makers have to clearly understand social and economic status and problems. Therefore, policy Learn More
Farm Roads and Bridges Information System
Surrounded by high mountains, with average altitude from 380 to 2000 meters, Fu Hsing Township in Taoyuan County is measured 350.7775 square kilometers. In such natural environment, the scenery is beautiful, but the attractive natural environment takes the local government a great deal of budget to maintain the roads and bridges or to fix them when the Learn More
Mobile Irrigation Survey System
The jurisdiction of Chang Hua Irrigation Association is one of the main rice paddy fields in Taiwan so that the main mission of the association is to effectively manage the irrigation water within the jurisdiction. Also, Chang Hua Irrigation Association is in charge of maintaining the irrigation facilities to keep the irrigation water supply normally and to drain the extra water so that rice and Learn More
Bei-Guan Numeric Cadastral Management Information System
North Coast and Guanyinshan National Scenic Area is the eleventh national scenic area that is established under the plan of the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications. It combines the north coast, Guanyinshan and Yehliou scenic spots and is in charge of coordinating and managing the tourism resource usages within. In year 2005 Learn More

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