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GIS Applications

The Cycling Team Management System
Nowadays, riding bicycle has been a popular recreational sport in Taiwan. Students on campus rely on bicycles especially. In order to promote riding safety and seize road condition for students, Taipei Chengshih University of Science & Technology (TPCU) integrates Learn More
Eco-cultural Web-GIS website
For the purpose of promoting teaching quality and strengthening learning motivation, Tungnan University applies Web-GIS as the platform to convert the documents of ecology, culture, and environment into digital information as well as integrate the local tour Learn More
Kainan University Campus Information Web
Through web applications and information science, the university administration and environment can be enhanced and improved, and the university administration can be more efficient. As the development of GIS become more and more mature, GIS is not only widely applied to Learn More
Historical Material Geographic Information System
Academia Historica is the highest authority of history in Taiwan and also the most essential organization collecting, organizing, storing, editing, and studying the modern history of Republic of China (ROC). The museum collects a great number of the historical materials related Learn More
Off-Campus Rental Query System
Thousands of students study in Lan Yang Institute of Technology. Because there are not enough dormitories on campus, many students have to live off-campus accommodation. However, there might be some dangerous factors existing in the Learn More
Ancient Map Geographic Information System
There are more than 2,000 ancient Taiwan maps in National Museum of Taiwan History. In order to promote and integrate the research results of these ancient Taiwan maps, National Museum planned to establish a WebGIS. Hence, these ancient and present maps can be queried and viewed via internet browser by not only general public but scholars. By using the Ancient Map Learn More

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